Thursday, August 18, 2005

Weird lights at night

OK, I promised to post a photo of Hong Kong night lights. I do have some pix that are clearer, but this one really looked mysterious. We were coming down a hill on a bus and we could see the buildings across the harbor. But of course the bus was bouncy, so that accounts for the wiggly lines.

Plumeria [frangipani]

Five years ago when we moved to West Texas from Hawai'i, we brought a thick, stubby stick with us. It was a plumeria branch, only four or five inches long. We set it in some moist potting soil and eventually it grew roots. For five years it has grown steadily in a big pot in our sun room, pushing out its big green leaves that drop off unceremoniously, leaving this spindly miniature tree. But now it is finally ready to bloom! We are so excited, Cat and I! The top photo was taken yesterday. The photo below shows two blossoms almost opening. This morning they were still tightly wrapped. So tomorrow, I hope that they will open up and release their beautiful smell. Thank you, God, for this gift.

Plumeria blooms opening

Scout the dog

Our son and daughter-in-law live in CA. They have become the people that they always hated: dogophiliacs. Their little dog Scout came home with them from the animal shelter all skinny and scared. Now he is getting pudgy and he loves to run around and jump. But when he has to take a bath, it is a reminder of the old days.
Is that a sad looking puppy or what?