Monday, May 23, 2005

Here is a little goose family living in Arlington Heights IL. I took the photo from a parking lot. Posted by Hello

Bigger than Oprah

I made a trip to Chicago last week for a conference. The conference wasn't actually in Chicago, but in a suburb about 20 miles from the airport (ORD). I had extra time, and being a Texan, I decided to drive around. I took Golf Road east until I got to Lake Michigan. It was cold, so I wasn't even tempted to go swimming. That's a mighty big lake. It surprised me how green the area was. Even in Chicago itself there were parks and residential areas with wonderful grass. I stopped at a large Catholic cemetary (with huge gravestones and monuments) to take some photos for my friend Rachel (she's sort of weird). And there were geese with little goslings walking around near a shopping mall. I will add that photo to this post. I didn't really think I would like Chicago, but it was nice. Sometimes you have to experience things before you make judgments, huh?