Friday, December 31, 2004

Reflect glory

On Christmas day, my wife and I were driving back home after a visit to her sister's house in a town south of us. The moon had risen and the sun had not yet set. The moon was full but appeared pale. As we drove on, the moon got brighter and brighter. By the time we reached home it illuminated the sky. Well, it didn't really illuminate the sky--the sky was very dark. And actually, the moon had not increased in brightness. It just looked brighter since the sun was not visible.

Whatever brightness I have is really not my own, but a reflection of God's glory. When I am around others who are aware of God's glory, I don't really stand out all that much, because they are illuminated, too. But when I go where people do not see God, the sun is invisible and they see only the moon. That's me. That is why it is very important for me not to obscure the reflection of God's light. They need to see the brightness of God, not some artificial light I might produce.